Air Factory CBD - CBD Vape Juice - Mystery - 250mg-500mg

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Do you really want people to know what flavor of CBD you’re vaping every day? Or would you rather it remain a mystery? For those who would prefer that the specifics of their vaping remain shrouded in the unknown – but who, nevertheless, still care about the quality and integrity of what they’re putting into their body – allow us to introduce you to this Air Factory CBD’s new Mystery Vape Juice. This e-liquid comes 250 to 500mg a bottle, with broad spectrum CBD manufactured with maximum effectiveness and relaxation in mind. This vape juice is so damn good that after one puff, you’ll be asking yourself “what’s in this stuff?” While we can assure you that it’s all good and natural, the rest remains a mystery.

Lab Reports

Air Factory CBD - CBD Vape Juice - Mystery - 500mg Lab Report
Air Factory CBD - CBD Vape Juice - Mystery - 250mg Lab Report


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