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Some people like unflavored tinctures, while others prefer to sublingually ingest liquid CBD that packs a flavorful punch. It doesn’t get much more flavorful than this new Berry Rush tincture blend from the hardworking minds at Air Factory CBD. Simply administer a drop or two of this stuff as you make your way throughout your day – it can be used between or during meals, or on your work break, just to give two examples – and be sure to wash it down with some water if, for whatever reason, you don’t like the aftertaste. This product contains pure, untainted broad spectrum CBD, sure to result in a guilt-free cannabidiol experience unlike any other, and is available in two strength-based sizes (500mg and 1000mg).

Lab Reports

Air Factory CBD - CBD Tincture - Berry Rush - 1000mg Lab Report
Air Factory CBD - CBD Tincture - Berry Rush - 500mg Lab Report


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