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It’s not quite drinking melon juice with CBD added into the mix, but at least it feels close. Introducing Air Factory CBD’s new Melon Lush Tincture drops, boasting an appropriately luscious and tropical piquancy that makes you forget you’re taking tinctures in the first place. These drops are meant to be ingested sublingually (under the tongue), and medical professionals recommend that users do not exceed anywhere from one to three (at the maximum) drops per day. This is an easy, responsible and covert way of using CBD that doesn’t produce annoying vapor clouds or leave you with the sickly-sweet aftertaste that some gummies can give you: it’s just pure cannabidiol magic, plain and simple. Comes with a handy drop topper for tincture distribution purposes. Keep out of reach of children.

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Air Factory CBD - CBD Tincture - Melon Lush - 1000mg Lab Report
Air Factory CBD - CBD Tincture - Melon Lush - 500mg Lab Report


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