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There are many wars that our tastebuds have waged over the years: peanut butter and jelly versus ham and cheese, Coke versus Pepsi, scrambled eggs versus eggs over easy, to name just a few. The war of the melons always comes down to two towering competitors: watermelon and its often-underappreciated sibling, honeydew. We say this: who says you have to pick just one? Air Factory CBD’s brand new Melon Lush Vape Juice blend promises the best of both watermelon and honeydew in one scintillating package. Experts in assorted labs throughout the United States have certified this product for optimal customer use, and it contains 250 to 500mg of only the finest broad spectrum CBD e-liquid. Ideal for use throughout the day or evening.

Lab Reports

Air Factory CBD - CBD Vape Juice - Melon Lush - 250mg Lab Report
Air Factory CBD - CBD Vape Juice - Melon Lush - 500mg Lab Report


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