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Imagine a world without some sort of soft chew or gummy bear. I bet you can’t. Children love them, adults are getting more options to consume them; ladies and gentlemen, the gummy revolution is truly upon us. More and more gummy products are appearing and gaining widespread popularity. This extends into the CBD world, where many people are beginning to realize the incredible benefits of CBD gummies. Envy CBD’s Soft Chew Gummies are a gummy lover’s dream treat, offering all of the benefits of full spectrum CBD and making it highly accessible in almost any setting. The bottle contains 20 soft chews that each possess 10mg of CBD. Coming in various colors and flavors, you are given the power to choose what kind of soft chew you feel like eating on any given day. Despite what some may think, no one really gets over gummies, especially if they offer the benefits found in Envy CBD’s soft chews. Full spectrum CBD is combined with ingredients such as tapioca syrup, water and sugar to create a product that is wholly a gummy and wholly a CBD product. The bottle is fairly small, allowing for easy access and transportation, were you to need a boost while out and about. Although you can’t fit it in your pocket, it can easily be stored in your car, desk or bag, ready for use at a moment’s notice. The combination of ingredients may help distract you from the aches and irritations that are accrued as the day progresses. There are very few differences between these and gummies that you could find at a candy store. At 10mg of CBD, a single soft chew will offer the benefits of CBD but won’t knock you out with them. There is no recommended serving size. To determine your personal serving size, take one gummy and wait an hour to see what effects, if any, the CBD has on your body. As a general rule, those who are shorter or weigh less will not need to consume as much CBD as someone who is taller or heavier in weight.

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