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Hopp and Hemp Co. brings you the hemptastic power of CBD combined with the cool, refreshing qualities of natural mint flavoring with its Spearmint CBD Tincture! If awe-inspiring potency plus a burst of breath-freshening mint is what you’re after in a CBD tincture, Hopp and Hemp Co. has got you covered. First, Hopp and Hemp Co. takes its organic, industrial, hemp-extracted CBD oil and combines it with a coconut-derived delivery oil. Grown in Colorado on all-organic lands, Hopp and Hemp Co.’s hemp is of the highest quality. MCT oil from coconuts ensures the plant-based power found in CBD is delivered efficiently and effectively into your bloodstream to help you just where and when you need it. Second, Hopp and Hemp Co. adds a delicious helping of natural spearmint flavoring to wake up your taste buds and freshen your breath. Spearmint is a more mellow mint flavor as opposed to, say, peppermint, so your lips won’t burn from using this potent CBD tincture from Hopp and Hemp Co. Taken sublingually as needed (simply drop your desired does under your tongue, hold there for 30 secs, then swallow), Hopp and Hemp Co.’s Spearmint CBD Tincture will whisk your troubles away with a burst of minty freshness in every drop. It’s vegan and vegetarian, too!

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