Nava - CBD Pod - Full Spectrum Unwind Flower Pouch

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NAVA Pouch™ | Unwind: There’s nothing better than relaxing after a hard day. Unwind in the evening and prepare your mind to drift into a peaceful calm with NAVA Unwind CBD/CBG Pouches. Our Unwind pouches are a blend of Indica hemp strains alongside an ideal balance of CBD, CBG, and relaxing terpenes that deliver calm to the mind & body. With our pouches, you get all the benefits of the plant with no psychoactive effects. Available in packs of 20.

Features: Each NAVA Pouch contains 0.175g of CBD/CBG-rich hemp flower, blended to perfection with the right balance of flower & terpenes. Each package of 20 pouches contains 3.5g total flower.


  • Easy to use, easy to love. NAVA Pouch is a simpler, cleaner way to consume flower. From farm to pouch… it feels good, naturally.
  • All of our CBD/CBG-rich hemp flower is grown organically and certified lab tested for its 100% purity.

Sustainability: The NAVA Pouch is plant-derived, all-natural, and can be safely composted after use. No mess or waste.



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