Neurogan, Inc. - CBD Topical - Full Spectrum Peppermint Cooling Rub - 200mg

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Unless you live in the North Pole, your body is going to heat up and wear down as your week progresses. Constant physical activity can have an adverse effect on your body’s health if not performed carefully and with occasional breaks. You are not built to work and move nonstop, a recovery period is necessary to heal the soreness and other pains that come with a full day of movement. Neurogan, Inc.’s Peppermint Cooling Rub is just the product for this situation, and could easily be fit into any daily schedule. Containing 200mg of full spectrum CBD, the rub is designed with those in mind that struggle with physical soreness and irritation of the skin. This CBD extract is extra effective due to multiple hemp compounds joining forces and making each other’s effects more prominent. The Peppermint Cooling Rub can be treated as both a travel item and one that stays on your counter at home. Its size allows it to be stored virtually anywhere, whether it be a bag, a purse or one of your car’s compartments. Since it is a rub and not a liquid or capsule, there is no need to worry that it may make noise while you walk and attract attention. The rub is soothing for the skin and provides a moderate serving of CBD. Peppermint oil gives it a heightened, minty aroma that cools your body and puts your mind at ease. The rub will basically do all the work for you, you just need to sit back and let it do its magic. To use the cooling rub, simply apply it to areas of the body that are sore or aching, then rub it until it is completely absorbed into the skin. You may also apply it liberally across your body if you feel that a full-body rejuvenation is in order.

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