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Craving a blast of sweet berry goodness, but having a tough time narrowing it down to just one berry? Well… who says you have to pick just one? Switch CBD certainly doesn’t believe that. Why not enjoy all the berries if you can? Their new Max Berry Vape Juice, powered by the brand’s trademark blend of scintillating cannabidiol, contains a berry tasty mixture of blueberry, blackberry, and raspberry, not to mention subtle hints of grape that will tantalize your palate and leave you feeling refreshed and 100% satisfied. This vape is perfect to use at night, in the morning, on your work break, or after a bout of physical exertion. This THC-free product is available in two potency-based sizes, each designed with maximum customer enjoyment in mind.

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Switch CBD - CBD Vape - Max Berry - 360mg Lab Report
Switch CBD - CBD Vape - Max Berry - 180mg Lab Report


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