Wi-Pod - Replacement Pods (2 Pack)

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MADE FOR CONCENTRATES | REFILLABLE PODS Refillable Thick Oil Pods Side-Fill Design Intense Flavor | Ceramic Technology Use Pods with Mi-Pod, Wi-Pod, Wi-Pod X Devices Designed by Mi-One Brands Filling Directions: Pinch the silicone tab and pull gently to remove the tab from the fill port. It will stay connected to the pod. Heat a pre-filled syringe of distillate oil. (Oil & syringe not included. If the oil syringe is glass, it can be heated with hair dryer, heat gun, torch or lighter. If plastic, follow the recommendations of the store where you purchased the oil.) Heat the liquid until it is thin and runny in the syringe like water, until the contents move freely. Be careful to not overheat/burn your oil. Tilt Wi-pod pod so that the fill port is up on top. Carefully insert the syringe tip into fill port. Gently plunge the syringe to fill Wi-Pod pod with up to 1.0mL of oil. Remove the syringe from the Wi-Pod. Close silicone tab on pod. Make sure tab is completely closed and flush, but be careful not to push the silicone tab into the pod. Let pod sit upright for 5 minutes so that the ceramic coil can wick the oil. The oil will thicken, cool and return back to its original viscosity. Line up the pins and insert the pod into your Wi-Pod For the first time after filling, take 5-7 very small gentle puffs to prime the coil until vape becomes visible to ensure you do not burn the coil.



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